Channel Letters Savannah

Channel Letters Savannah

Channel Letters are very attractive and if illuminated can draw attention to you company at night. They are installed above the main entrance of retail and commercial buildings, churches and the other institutions. Channel letters make a professional statement like no other sign available on the market today.

Signs built using channel letters may be a bit pricier than the more traditional options, but they will provide your business with 24 hour client awareness. They will be noticeable from a greater distance than traditional sign options and will attract attention throughout the day. Increased sales and higher brand recognition may be the outcome from using channel letters.

Kranken Signs offers Channel Letters in Savannah (GA). If you want the most impressive form of lettering for both outdoor and interior advertising give us a call. For any image conscious entrepreneur it’s the future of business branding as well as cost efficient and effective. Our Channel letters are figures or letters individually cut in eye-catching three-dimensional design. You can even customize the color and font of the sign to achieve the look you desire. You can affix them to any structure or wall, un-illuminated or illuminated.

We Offer a Wide Range of Channel Letters and Business Signs

  • Block Channel Letters
  • LED Channel Letter Signs
  • Back Lit Halo Channel Letters
  • Reverse Channel Letters
  • Front/Back Lit Channel Letters
  • Open Face Channel Letters
  • LED Channel Lettering Signs
  • Channel Letter Signs

Why Choose Our Channel Letters?

  • Are non-conductive – LED and neon installations eliminate arcing
  • Are easily drill-able for weep holes and simple installation
  • Guaranteed For 5 Years
  • Pre-primed for easy painting

We offer competitive turnaround times in the industry for Channel Signage. Because each channel letter job is unique and custom, please call us at 704-588-2555 with your job details and specifications.

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